Recruiter & HR Business Partner Recruitment Day 2022

Shopee adalah platform yang dirancang untuk kawasan ini, memberi pelanggan pengalaman belanja online yang mudah, aman, dan cepat melalui pembayaran dan dukungan pemenuhan yang kuat. Kabar baik bagi pelamar yang tertarik untuk bekerja di Shopee. Saat ini sedang membuka lowongan kerja terbaru dalam rangka mencari calon pegawai yang siap untuk bergabung sebagai karyawan perusahaan. Informasi lebih lanjut simak keterangan dibawah ini:

1. Recruiter

Job Description:

  • Participate in recruitment process involving sourcing, screening, and selection of ideal individuals
  • Manage the recruiting pipeline including determining resources status and needs, coordinating recruiting events and sourcing activities, assessing, and managing referral processes
  • Create, build, and maintain networks of potential passive candidates to fill future anticipated and planned roles
  • Develop and manage employee communications and engagement initiatives
  • Formulate and implement other HR initiatives and projects as and when directed by the Management


  • Strong background and passionate about recruitment & recruitment-related project (admin + fieldwork such as booking venues and merchandise, background verification, comprehensive screening, and data operations)
  • Strong in data and excel formulas, (e.g. SUMIF, IFNO, V/HLOOKUP)
  • Strong oral and written English skills to communicate with internal stakeholders and potential candidates
  • Strong initiative and proactive work ethic (knows what to do & can think two to three steps ahead)
  • Excellent coordination and communication skills

2. Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP)

Job Description:

  • Socialise Human Resource (HR) standards and practise by providing the required information, assistance, and solutions related to People matters for business leaders, in order to ensure that every business decision made has considered the HR’s point of view
  • Maintain annual and/or quarter manpower planning, check and assist employee selection, orientation, on/offboarding, transfers within the company, and ensure all the processes are aligned with the applied regulation
  • Provide regular reports and updates regarding HR matters to both HR Lead and Business Leaders
  • Review and resolve Legal or Industrial Relations Issues to comply with company regulations and Indonesia Labour Law
  • Do effective, thorough and objective investigations for encountered HR-related matters, followed by proposing a solution with an action plan
  • Understand business needs by doing proper analytics based on data or existing business processes and provide gap analysis for HR to come with program, initiative, and solutions
  • Liaise with HR Lead in order to solve any HR-related business issues which require HR expertise, initiative, and service
  • Create, review, and revise HR policies for one dedicated department upon placement


  • Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Psychology, Management, or Industrial Engineering will be preferable
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in Organisational Development, HRBP or HR generalist area
  • Hands-on experience in Industrial Relation, Recruitment, Organisation Structure Analysis, Performance Management and Manpower planning
  • You will be placed in one of Shopee’s departments: Business Development, Operations, Tech, Product, Business Intelligence, ShopeePay, ShopeeFood or Sunter Warehouse

3. Senior Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP)

Job Description:

  • Provide support, advice and guidance to the business Head, Managers, and Team Leads to solve employee-related matters and improve their people management skills.
  • Work alongside business Heads and Managers in doing medium and long-term Manpower Planning and People Development to support business expansion
  • Plan for a sustainable workforce across various key functions and seniority levels
  • Identify High-Potential individuals, propose and implement an effective Development Plan (including learning program, coaching, mentoring)
  • Maintain a Succession Plan that is able to support the business needs timely as well as provide a workforce that is agile enough to support new business expansion
  • Regularly review and propose improvements for business processes and organisational structure to achieve organisational efficiency
  • Drive employee development plans by tracking and monitoring training attendance and effectiveness
  • Devise an effective retention program for strong performers through competitive compensation, benefits, as well as timely career progression and holistic personal development
  • Coach Leaders on processes from various points of view, including legal implications
  • Provide support during the key discussion, process, and holistic conversation, as well as career advice to employees and help them develop and grow within the organisation
  • Take accountability for and facilitate employee disciplinary actions and grievance handling while consulting business or legal teams as appropriate
  • Uphold the Shopee Code of Conduct and Company Policy and instil disciplinary actions in the event of a breach
  • Constantly find out employees’ sentiment through regular checks (Pulse Check) and implement necessary changes to improve the overall work environment
  • Be a Value Catalyst by actively promoting and instilling Shopee Values through effective communication strategies, events, and interactions to promote a strong sense of engagement with employees
  • Create, review, and revise HR policies for one dedicated department upon placement


  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university
  • 4-5 years of experience working alongside business Heads and/or Managers in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Excellent and dynamic project management skills
  • Strong problem solving and stakeholder management skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with high empathy
  • High adaptability and open-mindedness to changes
  • Passion for people and advancements beyond the business as usual (BAU) projects Great active-listening skills
  • Good understanding and alignment with the Shopee Values
  • You will be placed in one of Shopee’s departments: Business Development, Operations, Tech, Product, Business Intelligence, ShopeePay, ShopeeFood or Sunter Warehouse

Jika Anda berminat dan memiliki kualifikasi sesuai yang di butuhkan kirim CV terbaru dan berkas lamaran, segera daftarkan diri Anda ke:


Pendaftaran paling lambat 17 Maret 2022

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